J.S.O. den Houting

J.S.O. den Houting

Jørgen den Houting (1974) joined Rozemond early 2011 and is specialized in civil construction law and public procurement legislation. His clients are primarily engaged in civil engineering works or in the residential and on-residential construction business. He provides legal advice and support to building contractors as well as to consultants.

Jørgen obtained a law degree in Dutch Civil Law from Leiden University and was sworn in as a lawyer in July 2001. In 2007 he attended an in-depth training in Construction Contract & Procurement Law at the Dutch Construction Law Institute IBR. In 2008 he completed the Grotius in-depth training in European & Dutch Public Procurement Legislation (cum laude).

Since 2013, Jørgen has been one of the editors of the Comments on the latest Public Procurement Legislation of Kluwer publishers. In addition, since November 2013, he teaches lawyers as well as purchasers in Public Procurement Legislation at the Law Academy of VU Amsterdam twice per year. Since 2014 he gives the professional education training Construction Contract & Procurement Law at the educational institute of the Bar Association of the Netherlands in Amsterdam, and since 2015 he has been lecturing in Back-to-Back Contracting at the Dutch Construction Law Institute.

Jørgen is a member of the Association of Construction-Law Lawyers and of the Dutch Association for Public Procurement Law.


    According to Article 35b, first paragraph, of the Regulations on the Legal Profession. J.S.O. den Houting has registered the following areas of law in the register of the Dutch Bar Association:

    • Construction law
    • Procurement law

    According to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association, this registration obliges me to obtain ten training points in each registered area of law every calendar year.