About Us

About Us

Rozemond is the oldest niche firm in the Netherlands specialising in
private construction law.

Legal proceedings in disputes relating to project execution have always been our central focus. Since the mid-1980s we have also supported tendering and contracting parties in procurement disputes.

We also advise (directly or in the background) during negotiations with contracting partners and potential partners and in the event of impending disputes, as well as providing legal supervision in complex building processes.

Our clients are contractors and principals, as well as architects, consulting engineers, project management agencies and insurance companies.

Our lawyers all have extensive experience (at least eight years) in private construction law and/or procurement law. In addition, they also teach and publish on issues relating to construction law and construction and procurement law.

Our approach

Our approach is aimed at achieving the highest levels of quality and client satisfaction. Our aim is to become the best law firm in our field and establish long-term relationships with our clients. A key element of these partnerships sharing the knowledge and experience we have been acquiring since 1926.

We try to limit the scope of our work wherever possible, the central focus always being the benefit to the client. We always make an estimate of the costs and potential earnings prior to initiating legal proceedings.