Jørgen den Houting

Construction and Procurement law

About Jørgen den Houting

Jørgen specialises in civil construction law and procurement law and has considerable experience in both these areas.

His clients are mainly involved with civil and hydraulic engineering (GWW) and in civil and non-residential construction. Jørgen assists construction companies, firms of architects and engineers, private clients, including developers and investors, as wells as public authorities, such as water boards and municipalities. He is familiar with the wide range of interests of the various players in the construction industry.

Clients enjoy Jørgen’s support every step of the way when preparing their response to a national or European tender or when they are preparing a call for tenders themselves. Jørgen also regularly advises clients during the execution of a work, as coordinator or sparring partner, whatever they request. He also regularly conducts proceedings before various arbitration bodies including the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry and in the civil courts for construction disputes. Clients describe him as committed, critical and solution-oriented with extensive professional expertise.

Besides his work as lawyer, Jørgen has co-written Kluwer’s Tekst & Commentaar Aanbestedingsrecht since the first edition and publishes in various professional journals including the Netherlands Journal for construction law [Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht (TBR)] and Netherlands Journal for procurement law [Tijdschrift voor Aanbestedingsrecht en Staatssteun (TA)].

He has been lecturing two half-day sessions as part of the Procurement Law training programme for lawyers at the VU Law Academy since November 2013. He has also been lecturing once a year for the Civil Construction Law course run by the Foundation for Lawyer Training [Stichting Opleiding Advocaten] in Amsterdam since 2014, and for the Back-to-back contracts course run by the Netherlands Institute for Construction Law [Instituut voor Bouwrecht] since 2015. He also enjoys teaching the recurring in-house courses for clients and industry associations.

Jørgen studied Dutch Law at Leiden University and was sworn in as a lawyer in July 2001. In 2007, he completed the in-depth course in civil construction law at the Netherlands Institute for Construction Law. In 2008 he completed the Grotius specialisation course in European & Dutch Procurement Law with distinction.

He is a member of the Construction Lawyers Association and the Dutch Association for Procurement law.


Pertaining to article 35b, paragraph 1, of the Dutch Legal Profession regulations. Jørgen den Houting has registered the following areas of law in Netherlands Bar Association register:

  • Construction law
  • Procurement law

In accordance with the Netherlands Bar Association standards, this registration requires me to obtain ten training credits for each area of law registered.

What clients say about Jørgen

‘We appreciate Jørgen for his considerable knowledge and understanding of cases. He still remembers things that happened 5 years ago. That’s very much appreciated.’

Richard Treur
Financieel directeur Thunnissen Groep B.V.