Elja Touwen

Construction and Procurement law

About Elja Touwen

Elja Touwen studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen where she specialised in criminal law and civil law. She graduated in 2015 (with distinction) and then spent four years as a corporate lawyer at a large firm of consulting engineers. In 2016, she took the IBR Procurement law course and completed the corporate lawyer training (with distinction). Elja was sworn in as a lawyer at the end of 2019.

At Rozemond, she focuses on civil construction law and procurement law.

Why construction law?

Before I became a member of the Dutch Bar, I spent four enjoyable years working for a large firm of consulting engineers as their in-house lawyer. I particularly enjoyed working with colleagues from different disciplines, doing our best to win contracts. Eventually, I opted for a firm of lawyers because I wanted to specialise in construction law and procurement law, and I wanted some litigation experience.

With my preference for construction law and procurement law, I’m very much at home with Rozemond. I still like to work together with others, both clients and colleagues. It’s great to have support and a sounding board for ideas. It’s always better when clients are actively involved and I hope they feel I’m accessible, and that I’m open to their ideas and contributions.