The architect’s work: new demands and changes in emphasis

Architects play a number of roles throughout the building process: they are the designers, consultants and sometimes managers too. Commissioning authorities frequently rely on their architects to assist during the tendering phase by drawing up the functional specifications, advising on the tendering format and drafting contracts for the contractor.

Influenced by ever-increasing specialisation in the building chain, and the increasing societal role that architects are expected to fulfil, the emphasis among architectural firms is shifting. Architects are increasingly involved in joint ventures, for example with developers and/or contractors and as part of the construction process. They have to deal with numerous stakeholders (residents, participation bodies, politicians) and other advisers (constructors, construction cost consultants, mechanical and electrical engineering consultants, acoustics and building physics consultants).

In this context, architects are facing major societal challenges regarding the living environment and sustainability. The life cycle of the structure to be designed, circular design, reuse of building materials and energy-efficient designs are all placing new demands on the architect’s work. Digital innovation is also posing challenges, such as the BIM (Building Information Model).

Dutch consulting engineers are industry leaders

Consulting engineers are also facing a shift in emphasis in their work. They are called in to advise on and design products and services in a wide variety of sectors, from construction, infrastructure, industry, waste processing, drinking water and food supply to the energy and chemicals sectors. Other major challenges facing consulting engineers include meeting the climate goals, dealing with the effects of an ageing population, guiding the energy transition and ensuring water resources remain available.

Digitisation is playing an increasingly important role in all fields in which consulting engineers are active, such as geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, building physics, underground construction, vibration engineering, infrastructure, water treatment, and so on. Dutch consulting engineers are global industry leaders and take their knowledge to other countries.

Advice during the tendering process

We advise architects and consulting engineers during project tendering. We also provide support for compiling a long list or launching a competition, as well as when drafting the actual contracts. Furthermore, we provide legal assistance to commissioning authorities, architects and engineers for any discussions that may arise during the projects themselves. If necessary, we will initiate proceedings with arbitrators or before the courts.

These discussions may relate to the scope and interpretation of the work which is included in the assignment (according to the STB, the standard task description from the DNR), the suspension of work on the issue of design documents, specification drawings and/or working drawings, or to design errors, stagnation, delay and damage assessment, acting as an agent for the commissioning authority and assignment management, terminating the assignment, copyright issues, and much more. If necessary, we will also initiate proceedings, usually with the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry, but also with the NAI or an ordinary court.


Architectural and consulting engineering specialists

We manage our client’s expectations and we respond quickly. We give realistic advice and produce workable agreements and contracts. We aim to prevent and resolve legal problems with a personal touch.

What our clients say about our lawyers

According to our clients, we understand how the construction industry works. Even the technical aspects. They feel supported and helped and consider us to be the specialist in civil construction law.

‘We appreciate Jørgen for his considerable knowledge and understanding of cases. He still remembers things that happened 5 years ago. That’s very much appreciated.’

Richard Treur
Financieel directeur Thunnissen Groep B.V.

‘I often have to explain details to other lawyers, but I never have to do that at Rozemond. Sometime I think: find a loophole! With other firms, I often have to make suggestions, at Rozemond, they always come up with good solutions. Arno makes legal matters sound exciting.’

Martin de Jong
Vestigingsdirecteur Van Wijnen Dordrecht

‘I’d rather have as little to do with them as possible. On the one hand: they’re stylish and traditional, on the other: practical, fast and thorough. Because they are anything but stuffy and old-fashioned. You expect lawyers to be formal and conservative, but when I visited them, the Rozemond team were quite the opposite. Now I’m their biggest promoter.’

Ted van ’t Hek
Van 't Hek Groep