We know about the construction industry

We manage our client’s expectations and we respond quickly. Our clients receive realistic advice and workable agreements and contracts. We aim to prevent and resolve legal problems with a personal touch. Our clients feel supported and helped by our experienced construction industry lawyers.

Realistic advice and contracts

Our lawyers go the extra mile for you to successfully and efficiently resolve construction disputes with a settlement or court ruling. We have been doing this together for more than 180 years. Our lawyers have considerable litigation experience and pay more attention than you’d expect to the execution and technical aspects of a project. And, as a result, they give realistic advice and make workable agreements and contracts.

Our lawyers have gained relevant expertise through their many years of practice. However, we realise that at this level, other factors may influence your choice of lawyer than having professional knowledge at their fingertips.

As (lead) building contractor or contracted party you often find yourself dependent on others, especially when clients have tendered the contract or when suppliers and subcontractors have negotiated a strong position for themselves. You want a lawyer who can analyse your position, develop a realistic approach and then carry out the next steps for you. And you want that lawyer who knows when the battle is lost and when to retreat gracefully, but who will also initiate a preliminary relief proceedings to get a case that’s stuck in the mud moving again.

Managing expectations clearly and decisively

We have asked our clients and they say they feel ‘supported and helped’ because besides our ‘expertise and decisiveness’, we also ‘know what we don’t know’. We do our literature studies and research in our own time, not at our clients’ expense, and we involve the right experts for the case and ensure we can give clear advice quickly. And we notify our clients as soon as we can if we think a case has a limited chance of success.

Managing expectations clearly and prompt follow-up are important; and that’s why you as client can reach us directly on our mobile numbers. We will keep you informed of progress, even if there are no developments in your case. We offer advice with a personal touch, aimed at preventing or resolving legal problems. Read more about our approach.