We share our expertise on construction law

We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise about construction law and procurement law. We have documented much of this in our vast knowledge base and we share this through events, podcasts, blogs, publications and lectures. These are in Dutch and you can find these on the Dutch part of our website. Besides sharing here on our website, we also give lectures at the Institute for Construction Law, workshops at clients’ premises and other courses. Traditionally, we have also contributed to the further development of construction law.

As the history of our firm shows, sharing knowledge has been ingrained in our culture since Koos Rozemond joined the firm in the 1950s. For some time, it was customary that employment contracts with new lawyers stated that they were required to publish at least once a year.

The knowledge and experience gained by our firm since 1926 has been translated into a constant series of publications. These contain both practical tools for practitioners and the necessary depth for other construction law experts. Our knowledge items are in Dutch and many are freely available so they can be used by anyone.

The so-called premium knowledge items are just as freely accessible, the difference being that you can only access them after registering with your e-mail address.

Another part of our knowledge base is the Podcasts. More about these conversations, in Dutch, on the podcasts page. We are happy to share this knowledge with you.